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  • Stunning new roof appearance
  • Extends the roof life by at least ten years
  • Resists moss and mould growth
  • Waterproofs porous tiles
  • Reduces stress on roof structure
  • Improves gutter drainage
  • Blends repairs and extends
  • Comes with a ten year guarantee
  • All this at a fraction of the cost, mess and disruption involved in fitting a new roof

Why renovate an old roof?

Over time the elements, pollution and environmental factors all take their toll on your roof. with the rapid expansion in post-war house building reliance on traditional slate declined in favour of cheaper, pre-cast concrete tiles.

Often available in vibrant colours architects also favoured them as they complimented their bright modern designs.

Unfortunately pigment and pre-cast technology was not as advanced as in todays tiles and the vibrant colours faded to the now familiar dull grey. In addition, quality varied and some tiles had design life of only 25 years.

Today in extreme cases the tile surface breaks down, becoming porous. This acts like a sponge retaining water and encouraging the growth of unsightly moss,green mould and lichens. The retained moisture also increases the load on the roof trusses and ultimately leaks to the inside walls, showing up as damp patches.

In most cases careful repair of structural defects followed by the application of Kolourseal restore the vibrant colours that were so appealing in the original tiles and re-seal them against the elements. This cost effective solution will save you thousands of pounds compared to stripping of old tiles and fitting a new roof.